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Welcome to the Shamrock Pet Foundation!

The mission of Shamrock Foundation is to enhance the lives of companion animals through proactive programs such as spay and neuter, public education and adoption options... more

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Join Louisville's newest running team and help save the lives of Kentuckiana's homeless pets and help control  pet overpopulation through our spay/neuter, rescue, adoption and education programs!

As a team member, you will enjoy a new network of animal loving athletes.  Plus, you'll receive a custom Team Shamrock tee shirt, a FREE training program with Norton Sports Health and more!  You can run, walk or put together a marathon relay team.  Then, participate in the Kentucky Derby Frestival Marathon or Mini-Marathon on April 30, 2016 and cross the finish line for Team Shamrock.  Whether this is your first race or tenth, Team Shamrock welcomes all skill levels and abilities.

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Thanks so much to WLKY for Producing our newest anti-cruelty public Service announcement. April is anti-cruelty month so please help support the Shamrock Pet Foundation help save other lives like Carma - the pitbull dog that is featured in this video.

You can watch the video and hear Carma's story here.

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n inside look…

Many often ask, “Exactly how does Shamrock serve the community”?  Shamrock’s number one priority is Spay/Neuter.  Daily we receive calls for spay/neuter assistance from individuals and other rescue groups. We don’t stop there. Listed below are just a few (not all) of our successes, some of the animals we’ve helped and some cases that need our prayers in a one week period. 

Shamrock Pet Foundation
  1. MARLEY the loving Chihuahua rescued from Louisville Metro Animal Services with a severely injured eye is safe and alive.  Although his eye could not be saved...he is doing marvelous!!  Thank you Niki and Animal Medical Center!
  2. TIGER LILLY the black & white 13 year old cat who sadly lost her home, as well as her beloved owner, was kenneled for several months in order to save her life. AFter reaching out to Shamrock, she finally got her forever home.  
  3. STORMY, the little Terrier mix that was running the streets, feeling forlorned and never claimed finally got his forever home.  Just his presence made a family with two loving children and a great big sweet Doberman very, very happy as well as making him a very happy and proud fella!!!
  4. MADDIE, a beautiful Chocolate Lab needed surgery for a severely torn ACL.  Through the kindness and commitment of her owner, help from Dr. Gailor, donors and the Shamrock Pet Foundation she is recovering nicely.
  5. GARFIELD KITTY rescued from the streets needing medical attention is now the permanent  “Official Greeter”, without the apron, at Animal Medical Center.
  6. THREE ADULT CATS were taken into our system needing immediate hospitalization. For several days they remained in guarded condition under the caring and watchful eyes of Dr. Fowler-Brown and Hopewell Animal Hospital.
  7. JERSEY, a mama dog was suffering through her pregnancy and delivery.  Dr. Michael Grimes pulled everyone through even though it was a touch and go situation!  And yes, everyone will be spayed and neutered when ready!
  8. LIZZIE was rescued as a stray wandering for several days on her own with a terrible prolapsed uterus that urgently needed  surgery.  The surgery proved successful but unfortunately she had to have her tail amputated shortly afterwards.  For unknown reasons, no one offered her a forever home until another rescue came forward to ensure Lizzie her happy ending.  Thanks to ALSIP!!

Oh, and Hazel (aka Couch Potato) the Beagle received her last heartworm treatment and happily went to her new forever home.  Also, Carly the Great Pyr who was abandoned outside for months has started her heartworm treatment.  This is the 3rd heartworm treatment in less than 3 months that Shamrock has financed.

A Shamrock volunteer and foster rescued Hermann, a little Chi mix from a shelter. He was so frightened and shook uncontrollably.  Now the only thing Hermann is shaking is his little paw.  His new mom speaks fluent German so Hermann is now learning to bark in two languages.

We could continue with many more stories like the two kittens rescued with awful eye infections, one had to have his eyes removed but we were able to save the sibling’s. This story has a happy ending because a kind soul adopted both of them together.

There is literally not a day that goes by without a plea for help.  Also, there hasn’t been a week in years that a pet has not been saved or treated..all through the generosity of  our many participating vets and YOU!!  Your continued financial support makes it possible for us to help and save these animals!!!  WE NEED YOU AND SO DO THEY!! Shamrock Pet Foundation, many times, has been their only hope or last chance.  Many thanks to everyone who makes it possible for us to do our job!!

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